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Each social media network is listed below, with details about what is
included in the package and tasking explained we use on a regular basis:


 Facebook SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT by 33Signals


Content Promotion – Every article of unique content that 33Signals writes for you will be promoted on social media networks. Not only will this increase the number of new followers, end user clients, people who will read this content, but it will improve your SEO as well.

Creating Custom Images – Up to two (2) custom graphics per week.

Customer Service – When people are unhappy or happy about a program or product, they’ll
often head to social media to voice their opinions. We’ll respond to any feedback that’s received
promptly and courteously. We’ll also answer any questions that potential users may have.

Interacting with Other Pages – To help catch the eye of complementary, non-competing
businesses. This will lead to more sharing of company content and status updates and
introduce people to the brand. Engagement of most kinds inside Facebook lead to trails of following minds.

Unique Posts – We will post 2-3 times on your Facebook page, on average, every day. These
posts will be a combination of custom articles and either custom or photographic graphics, this is known as calls to action, that lead to people visiting the website. We also produce snippet of company-based news articles.

Facebook Ads : Social Media Management by 33Signals

  1. Ad concept and copy to be created by 33signals
  2. Management of the campaign by 33Signals
  3. Analytics reports, Facebook analytics brief weekly analysis
  4. Graphic design with appropriate paid for stock photographs and or copyright free and or we supply our stock photo
  5. Audience targeting, demographics, geo location, specific company personnel
  6. Adjusting ads as needed to maximize and achieve the best results in the shortest time.
  7. Determining what content is best suited with the in vogue city or country or global events, to audience post.
  8. A/B testing between multiple adverts within the same campaign, noted geo location testing,etc
  9. We can target specific demographics and whomever you’d like us to with Facebook ads, and if you want to spend more per
    month on ads we can accommodate that growth.
  10. If the campaign goes well and you want to expand, we charge a 15% ad management fee with a €750/month minimum fee.




Updates – Studies have shown that daily updates ( an we can xml link feeds from your blog as well ) on Google+ directly impact how well your site is ranked after 90 days. A percentage of these updates will link back to the company site directly, having an even greater impact on SEO.

Communities – Many people still use Google+ just for the purpose of engaging in the communities
on the social network, and we’ll be active in all the relevant ones. We’ll check out what already
exists and create our own communities when relevant ones don’t already exist. Streaming content into Google+ is effective with #hashtags and back links.

Adding Targeted Pages To Google+ Circles – Similar to Twitter lists, and effective in helping to regularly interact with the right people and as a second tie technical setup we can send them via automated blog post feeds

Hashtags – We’ll include appropriate latest trending social media hashtags in updates. People use hashtags to search for posts that they’re interested in, so we’ll make sure that we’re using the ones that are the most relevant and popular.





Ad management – You provide the budget ( we retain 25% upfront )  and we manage the targeting, monitoring and reporting. This will allow your posts to reach individuals and businesses who aren’t already familiar with your brand, who fit into your target audience and will convert into leads.

Additional adverts management fee: 15% of ad budget

Our minimum monthly fee : €1,000

LinkedIn Group Involvement – Joining in and engaging with members of LinkedIn groups. This
will increase engagement from those not already following the company page and drive traffic
back to the website. We will join 5-7 group discussions a week. This includes promoting
content from the site when appropriate.

LinkedIn Group Management – Post once a week in each at least and jump into the discussions
others are having when appropriate.

Interaction – Following other LinkedIn pages, focusing on growth hackers, thought leaders and companies that are related to your brand, but are not your direct in country competitors. We’ll share their content periodically when it is the type of content that speaks to your audience, appealing reading, breaking product news, facts.

Updates – An average of two posts on the company’s LinkedIn page, which will reach those
following it. All blog posts, articles and press mentions will be promoted via the page.


Pinterest SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT by 33Signals


Engagement – Interacting and pinning content from other sites that have a “Pin It” button next
to them will help to build the relationships you need to bring the company to the next level.
This will also ensure that you’re not being viewed by users as being overly self promotional.
• Creating Boards – We’ll create an average of one new board a week, based on what your
followers are interested in.

Original Pins – We’ll create original pins that will promote the company and engage people
who love what it offers, but don’t know it yet. Infographics with writing tips, humorous memes,
etc. are all great types of content that will get repinned, and put the company in front of the
right audience. An average of three per day is included.






  • Content Promotion – We’ll continually share company content, which will help drive effective traffic to the site and raise awareness of the company and or product or brand. This also sends signals to the search engines that your content is worth sharing, which can help improve the site’s SEO.

Customer Service – We’ll monitor for tweets and specific people tweeting about the company, even if they don’t @them directly. If they have something awesome to say, we’ll make sure to retweet, favourite
and let everyone know. If they have something negative to say, we’ll let you know immediately
and respond to them promptly and courteously. And if they have questions, we’ll answer them
right away.

Daily Tweets – An average of 8-10 tweets a day. Approximately 25-33% of the content will be
self promotional, the rest of the focus will be on providing value to the community and
interacting with the company’s target #hashtag audience.

Hashtag Creation and Management – We’ll keep a close eye on trending topics, and when
appropriate, jump in on the conversation using the appropriate hashtag. This will help increase
visibility of the company, as well as lead to more followers and interaction.

Interacting for PR Purposes – One of the most effective uses of Twitter is as a PR tool.
Journalists are active on Twitter, and regularly use it to find factual sources to quote in their articles.We create a specific new lists of journalists, bloggers, vlogggers and industry influencers to target on Twitter, by this, we build relationships and introduce them to the brand and or company, which ever your are wanting at the forefront of your campaigns. This is one of the most effective and fastest ways Twitter can deliver a great ROI.

Keyword Monitoring – We like to use interactive tools like Hootsuite, tweet deck to monitor for people talking about particular topics and or relevant topics about or on your company, then we jump in and interact as necessary with every most relevant tweet we feel is rewarding to your campaign.

Twitter Chats – We’ll participate in one Twitter chat per month on behalf of your brand. If no
Twitter chats exist, we can create and manage our own (this isn’t easy, but we know what we’re

CONTENT AND CONTENT MARKETING : Social Media Management by 33Signals


By our curating, the creating unique content your clients want to read and promoting the blogs via social media and other content marketing methods, we’ll attract significantly more traffic to your site over the next (3) three months. It starts with blog optimizing, which we can do with a variety of plugins and
SEO tweaks, and what is more important is to optimise the server speed.

Industry has found it’s not about how much content you post to your site, but how targeted the content is and how well you’re able to promote it. This is also true of the SEO side of blogging, and there’s a very intense strategy to that – our writers go to great lengths to ensure each post is optimized, including formatting, internal and external back linking and the insertion of hashtags to specific link pulls we are chasing after for and on your behalf.

We write four different types of blog posts:

In-industry link bait – We include quotes from at least 3 experts in each of these posts, focusing
on those that have large social media followings of their own. This way, we can leverage their
networks to drive more traffic to the site (experts often share links to blog posts they’re
featured in). This also sends good signals to search engine crawlers, which value content that
gets shared via social networks.

WORD COUNT :1,500+

COST : €550 FEE


In-depth posts – One of the best ways to improve organic traffic is most definable with in-depth posts as one of the most effective ways.These post are targeted to your potential buyers and have a focused SEO direction. These long-form posts are designed to draw in specific demographic and or organic search traffic, and can be a great way to passively generate leads on a consistent basis.

Research has shown that the latest Google algorithm updates favour long-form content, and posts that have 2,000 + words or more tend to generate the biggest SEO returns over time.

WORD COUNT : 2,000+

COST : €850 FEE.

WORD COUNT : 3,000+

COST : €1350 FEE


List blogs – List posts are clickable, readable and shareable content that should be incorporated
into any solid blogging strategy. We recommend occasionally incorporating complementary
experts, companies and events in order to catch their attention and get them to help promote
the content – again, leveraging other networks to increase the size of your own.

WORD COUNT : 1,000+ words,


Observation posts – These provide observations about subjects, subject matter your potential customers may be interested in. Alternately, they can be brand storytelling posts that highlight your expertise or specific case studies.

WORD COUNT : 500-600 words

COST : €250 FEE

WORD COUNT : 300-400 words

Cost : €150 FEE

Content can be priced by the piece on an individual basis or project by project mandate. We can also design custom content to go along with PR campaign and content marketing initiatives, in the middle of the campaign as a snap on service. * Additional fees apply.

Guest Blogging

One of the quickest, fastest and most positive ways of social media engineering, being effective in the best practice ways to generate backlinks, significantly increase referral traffic and get more people contacting you is to write guest blogs on a regular basis.

If you’ll write them, we’ll edit them and pitch them around. Alternately, we can swap out on-site blogs for off-site blogs, which we can curate and or ghostwrite under your name and send it over for your approval before finding a home for it on a larger site.

Content Marketing : Social Media Management by 33Signals

The whole point of #hashtagging and citing experts and complimentary, non-competing companies in your blog content is so that these companies, startups and or establish businesses and entertainment or social media influencers will help us promote the content via social media.

Each post will include the social media handles of the people and companies we cite, so you can @ them
on Twitter, follow them on LinkedIn, etc.

Backlink acquisition is also an important aspect of getting content to rank well in SERPs. SEM is also a key performance result deliver , although strategic PR is the best bet for generating the most high-quality back links, but the Skyscraper Technique is also a valuable tool that we employ with our content packages.

Additional cost per post: €200.


Here’s how the Skyscraper Technique works: You start by researching popular trends, topics, and already well-received pieces of existing content across the topic areas your business typically covers.

Then, you look for new and unique ways to create content that communicates a similar message — with a twist. This might mean that you leverage a new, more engaging medium, update the statistics, or employ a better design.

Once you’ve created a new and improved piece of content, reach out to the folks that have already linked out to similar content to put your piece on their radar … and hopefully earn a link

We’ll reach out to 10 websites per month as part of this back link acquisition strategy. In addition to the websites that we target, we’ll also reach out to complimentary,  non-competing websites in the same sector. The goal here is to get relevant and influential sites to link to your website and or blog content to help it rank better. We’ll email the websites we link to, and ask for links back to our content in return (and/or social shares of the content).


ANALYTICS AND REPORTING ( Google ) Social Media Management by 33Signals

You’ll receive a comprehensive report each month, which details:

Progress on PR – what’s still pending publishing, what we’re currently working on and what we’re
lining up for the future or jumped onto an event to link in your brand.

• Increases in social media following, referral traffic and post , click through engagement

• Changes in site traffic, geo location, demographics, device usage

• Changes in Alexa ranking, best weight over a month or more

• Number of keywords you’re ranking with (and how many are in positions 1-3 and 4-10)

• Referral traffic – interesting referrers, percentage increases, backlinks.

• Organic traffic – keywords, PPC value, percentage increase monitoring.

• Popular content – this helps to determine what your readers are most interested in, so we can
generate more of it (and link more to existing popular content)

• Opportunities via PR and Social media

• Interesting in vogue or topic specific stories the company and or brand we may be able to take advantage of around the Facebook post, linking demographics to stories

We look forward to being of great service and create rewarding results for your company


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